Got a great hospitality tip? Create your own short video lesson to share on Typsy.

Typsy believes that great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. When we share our voices, professional expertise, and tricks of the trade, we lift each other up as a community - especially under the toll of COVID-19, when so many in our industry are going through such hardship. 

Typsy’s Community Content feature is designed for exactly that. This is a place where the global hospitality community can come together to learn from each other, and share ideas, expertise, tips and tricks. 

Want to share tips to help newbies get started in the industry?

Got a great trick for pouring latte art?

Feel strongly about a current hospitality trend?


Whatever your subject, these videos are easy to make, easy to upload, and easy to share. Simply film your lesson on any HD device you have at hand, submit your video and your details using the button below, and we’ll upload it to our website.


Keen to get involved_ It couldn’t be easier. (2)

You don’t need to be an expert filmmaker, or even a teacher.

This platform is for anyone with hospitality know-how, something to say, and the desire to share it with peers across the world.

Community content process 1
1. Sign up to Typsy for free and create your profile. Sign up now.

Community content process 2
2. Film a short video lesson using your phone, computer or old school video camera - get creative!

Community content process 3
3. Submit your video to our platform. Upload your video now.

Community content process 4
4. We'll let you know when it's live!

Community content process 5
5. Watch the videos your peers have shared from all over the globe.

Community content process 6
6. The Typsy team will be keeping our eyes peeled for submissions. The most outstanding videos will be featured on our social media!


No editing super tricks are required (although if you’re the type to embrace a star wipe, we’re not here to hold you back). Shoot a vlog-style short video on a selfie stick in your kitchen, or get in front of a ring light and a tripod - or anything in between. Create your content as you see fit. 

The best videos are ones you can see and hear clearly. Everything else is entirely up to you.
But if you're feeling stuck, you can always visit our Help Hub for tips.


A few simple rules

This platform is designed to be super easy to use.
To get your video published, we only ask that it meets these simple requirements.

Community Content Video Should

Community_Content_Rules_v3_1009x800 (1)

*We love our global community and want everyone to be able to get involved however for the time being we can only accept videos in English.

**Simply put, you must either own or have licensing permission to use everything that appears in your video, including but not limited to music, images, and text. 


These rules are simply designed to keep the platform user-friendly and safe.

Make sure your video adheres to these conditions, or Typsy may remove your content.

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