Take your customer training online

Do you need to remotely train your customers on how to best use your product? The Typsy platform allows hospitality industry suppliers to upload your video training content and immediately educate your customers. Whether you are a food or beverage supplier, tech vendor, equipment or cleaning supplier, hosting your training on Typsy means your customers can skill up, test their knowledge, and feel confident in their job. Plus, right now your customers can gain access to Covid Recovery training and the library of 750+ lessons on Typsy.


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The best way to train your customers

Typsy has designed a hosted training platform that enables you to distribute your video-based training to your customers at scale, and track its effectiveness. Your customers are able to watch your product training on desktop and mobile, test their knowledge with quizzes and earn badges to show they're certified. When you host your training on Typsy, you join a host of leading industry suppliers bringing their training to their customers fingertips.

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Reduce the cost of
in-person training

Supplier benefits 2

Enhance the knowledge
retention of training

Supplier benefits 3

Reduce customer churn

Supplier benefits 4

Develop Product Champions
and Brand Ambassadors

Supplier benefits 5

Gain access to valuable data and metrics

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Provide your customers with micro-credentials

Do more with Typsy Supplier

Stay at the forefront of your industry with online learning

Host all your training content in one place that is accessible by all your customers on any device. By taking your training online you can provide consistency across the board, no matter where your customers are located. Now your on-site team can use their time to build stronger relationships and provide remote support to help you and your customers scale with consistency.

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Develop a pathway of learning for your customers

Easily upload videos to your Supplier portfolio and provide your customers with unlimited refresher training, new product and feature updates, and more. Your customers' can gain access to your product training when they need it, making learning more accessible than ever before.

Gain access to valuable data and metrics

As each of your customers watches your training, the Typsy hosted training platform records what they have watched and collects all their reviews. Training insights and review data aggregates to your private Supplier dashboard where you can view macro-engagement and sentiment data across regions or customers, or drill down and see exactly who has earned badges for completing your training.

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How do badges work?


How do I get started as a Supplier?

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Contact us today!

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Your training is added to Typsy and badges created.

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A landing page is designed to promote your product training.

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Your customers start watching your product training via Typsy.

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