Africa Tourism Partners is taking action to support our community by offering continuous development & education for everyone in the hospitality and tourism industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


As part of being a member of Africa Tourism Partners you will now receive unlimited access to online learning through Typsy for free until September 30, 2020 and then discounted ongoing. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription to Typsy at any time.


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought extreme challenges to the hospitality industry globally. This has been devastating for us all, but we are taking action to support you now and to ensure a strong future with opportunity. We are providing immediate initiatives to help businesses stay connected with their staff. Although there are travel restrictions in place to help slow the virus, we don't want it to slow the ability to keep learning and improving your staff's skills through this time. 

Africa Tourism Partners has partnered with Typsy to give you unlimited access to engaging online learning from some of the world's best hospitality professionals. You can watch over 700 bite-sized videos in the growing library, earn micro-credentials, complete quizzes, gain certificates and download helpful resources. You can also submit lessons you have filmed to Typsy and be seen by Typsy's global audience.

There are video lessons on Typsy that have been created to specifically help us all through the COVID-19 pandemic and there are more coming soon that will give tips on how to help businesses rebuild during the recovery phase and beyond.

We will also host messages and videos on Typsy to help support you all through this time.

Typsy provides you a simple solution to provide online learning to all people in the hospitality industry so they can learn new skills and earn industry-recognized certificates during this time.

There is no cost to gain unlimited access to over 700+ online video resources, quizzes and downloadable resources for the hospitality industry until September 30, 2020. After this time, Africa Tourism Partners members will receive a 10% discount ongoing.

Typsy video lessons are translated into many languages via closed captioning. 

Select the CC button in the bottom right of each video to select the language.
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